Sunday, September 30, 2007

Biscuit Donuts Tutorial

Oc-Tute-ber Tutorial for:
Biscuit Donuts

The very first in our Oc-Tute-ber series! For those of you who wanted a more in-depth recipe as opposed to "fry a can of biscuits."

You will need:
1 can Grands or other refrigerated biscuits
1 cup sugar
2-3 Tablespoons ground cinnamon
oil for frying

Begin heating oil to medium high heat. The pan does not need to be full of oil, just enough so that the donuts are immersed half way, about 1 inch deep should do.

While the oil is heating, remove biscuits from can (love the pop!) and separate. Using a small circle or heart cookie cutter (or shot glass, top from a spice jar or anything you have handy) cut the center out of each. Save this for making donut holes!

When the oil is hot, place biscuit gently into oil. In my pan I can do two at once, but the biscuits should not touch so you'll have to see how many you can fit in. If your oil is hot enough, there should be massive bubbling around the the edges. When this dies down a bit and the dough is brown on the underside, flip it over. This donut is ready to be flipped.

Once the second side is brown, remove from oil and drain quickly on paper towels. Mix the sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl. Then roll drained donuts in cinnamon-sugar, making sure to coat both sides. Eat warm if at all possible!

Donut holes are done the same way but you may have to roll them around in the oil to brown all sides. Using a heart-shaped cutter will leave a heart-shaped hole in the donut but sadly the donut holes puff up enough that they are not recognizable as hearts. They still taste awesome though!


  1. Oh man those look sooooooo good! Way to help me stick to my diet, JENNA! :P

  2. I've never made doughnuts, thanks for the instructions.