Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talk about swaps

Rachel from Swap-Bot said some really nice things about the SwapDex and CorgiPants on the blog over there! How sweet is she?

I am expanding SwapDex to include interviews with swappers and swap hosts. If you are interested in being featured, just let me know! I am looking for a wide variety of swappers and hosts, I think it'll be a lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sad News

Originally uploaded by Corgipants
In the midst of all the Halloween fun and festivities, we have had a sad event occur. Roswita, the decade-old fancy goldfish passed on. She was looking sickly, having not eaten in about four days, and took a turn for the worse. I kept putting food in every night, hoping for the best but it seems her time had come. Today she was worse, struggling to right herself and with some obvious loss of motion in her tail so I had to make the decision to make her death quick and hopefully painless rather than prolong the inevitable and have her starve to death slowly. I hope I made the right decision. I know, it may seem silly to be putting so much thought into a goldfish but she was with us for over 5 years. We adopted her (along with two other fish) from a family that was moving away and couldn't take her. She'd been with us through two moves and had grown to nearly 8 inches. It will be very quiet in her corner without the blurb-blurb of her happy tail stirring the water.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting spooky at work!

Another Halloween themed post for Living Locurto'sHalloween Blog Party! This time, for charity!

Our fall/Halloween Drop in and Decorate party was today! We decorated nearly 200 cookies for donation to the local shelter and we'll deliver them tomorrow. The lovely Lydia who heads up Drop In now had a blog for DI&D so go visit and say hi! And I encourage everyone to get a few friends together and decorate some cookies for a food pantry, shelter, or crisis center. Everyone has enjoyed the cookies we've donated so much, sometimes it's the simplest things that can brighten someone's day. A decorated cookie carries with it the time, effort and creativity you put into it and people can feel that. Here are some pictures from today's gathering.

Here are some of my fantastic coworkers hard at work.

This is our jumble of a conference table, full of cookies, frosting and decorating supplies. And here are all the lovely cookies. Well, not all, but some!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

I'm very excited about the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival because this time around, I have something to give away! One lucky winner will receive my Pillowcase Pinnie pattern OR Black Forest Scoodie pattern (their choice), available at the Make-Do Mercantile! At the end of the giveaway period, I'll be using the random number generator to choose who the winner will be! Gotta love the fact that they're both PDFs so you'll get your prize instantly and can start whipping up some crafty goodness!

To enter, just leave a comment and make sure to leave your email if it's not available somewhere on your website. How else will I email you your prize? Last day for entry is October 31. More giveaways at the Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival! Visit each one for a chance to win!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spooky porch completed

Another Halloween Blog Party post!

Here it is, my spooky front porch! You saw my in-progress shot of the front porch. I added a bit more, including my carved, light-up Funkin and more lights in the garage windows. We live on a dead-end street and usually would like for people to read the no-outlet sign and NOT come down it just to have to turn around. But I want visibility during Halloween to entice any and all Trick-or-Treaters! So the garage, what you can see from the cross street, got more attention once I looked down our street and couldn't even see all my hard work on the porch! I changed the lightbulb above the door to a blue one inspired by this front yard in a town nearby, though ours is not nearly as creepy or full of skeletons!:

Here's a little cutey that was helping me outside the other day. And what do you know, he's Halloween colors!

And this is a picture of my toilet. Well, the back of my toilet. My mom gave me this cute cat when I visited the other weekend. He's sharing my wishes for you, a very Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Flea Market

This week's theme is vintage paper goods! Come check out the cute wedding gift and shower gift thank-you cards I've got over at the Mercantile!

To visit all the other participants this week, click here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boo-tiful Decor!

Another day, another Halloween post for Living Locurto's Halloween Blog Party

This vignette is the corner of my living room with all those lovely windows. I tied wide black ribbon into a bow around the lamp, added a cauldron and Halloween knick-knacks to the table and bat cutouts to the windows. One of the windows (that faces the street) has purple lights around it. Oh, and that? That's my pet giant orange-striped spider! You don't have one? Sometimes the web covers the tv, but it comes off with Clorox Anywhere spray. :)

This is my buffet, which I'm not exactly happy with just yet but I think I've put enough thought into Halloween this year and need to move on to other things! It's got some pumpkins (from the garden of course), an old light-up skeleton, a needlepoint Halloween cat and other various spooky things like candles and a chain.

And here is my table display. Plenty more pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lovely fall award!

Patty, that lovely gal over at Pip Stitch, awarded my fall spirit! And my prize is to pass it on to 6 others! I've tried to pick blogs I haven't featured before so here they are, our lovely winners!

Make and Takes has been posting some great fall kid's projects! No, I don't have kids. But I love a good kid project!

One Pretty Thing deserves some sort of mega-award for all the crafts she brings together into one place. But those Fall Roundups and Halloween Roundups have really been rocking my boat!

The next three are some of my fellow participants in Living Locurto's blog party.

Addison's Abode made some super candy corn topiaries.

Artsy-Fartsy has some awesome photos of her home decor. I especially like her kitchen display with all the bottles and jars.

Sandra Evertson posted the most delightful story featuring the adorable Juliette!

Scrappy Jessi was a fellow participant in A Fanciful Twist's blog party and she was also my swap partner a while back, so I know she's awesome! Her blog is all spooked up and she's been posting some cute stuff!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Blog Party!

I'm excited to be participating in Living Locurto's Halloween Blog Party, now until the 31st! All this week and next I'll be posting fun Halloween pictures! Let's first talk about costumes!

I love dressing up and you can see my Halloween costumes from every year here at my flickr. This year I must be out of ideas because I will be recreating my costume from 1987.

Yes, Punky Brewster! This year's costume will include her classic jean jacket!

I also love dressing up my pets, no matter their size. Meg, the Belgian Mule, dressed up like a Ca-Mule (get it, camel?) and I was her Bedouin owner. If you think this is as hilarious as I do, you can vote for this picture in Martha Stewart's Pet Costume Contest. Sully also has some pictures entered, like his adorable Fairy Steed Costume and his Super-Sully costume.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fanciful Twist Halloween Blog Party!

Fanciful Twist is hosting a Fantabulous Blog Party for Halloween today! So I thought I'd show you my most recent project and my entry hall decor.

I saw some great banners in Woman's Day magazine that used newsprint in a really fun way! I've never thought of newsprint as a craft medium except for making mock-ups and pattern pieces. But when you think about it, it's black and white, perfect for Halloween and has a sort of scientist-bookish-vintage feel to it. But it's not very durable so I lined it with cardstock to give it more rigidity and hopefully be able to use them in years to come. They are stung onto knobby yarn.

This one is hanging in my entry way and I think it really completes my spooky mirror area. On the shelf are fun holiday knick-knacks I've picked up over the years. The skeleton is a nut-cracker! And of course my spooky prints from Mom found a home for the holiday!

The longer one (and boy is it long, about 8 feet long) is for work and will hang in front of my office, facing the library where the party is held on Halloween. More about the work festivities next week when we are allowed to start decorating the library! (We have a conference and guests this week and I suppose they don't want to see dismembered limbs sticking out of the scanner or bats hanging from the light fixtures!

These two paper cutout decorations are in the kitchen. They are kind of beat up and kitschy but they remind me of school classroom party decorations from years gone by so I keep them around.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Craft ideas 2008!

Lulu needs some craft ideas! And she's willing to pay for them. (Well, she'll give you a chance to win some Michael's money, anyway.) So I thought I'd share all the crafts that are on my To-Do list! Each of these projects has a tutorial or instructions, just follow the link.

Felted Mushrooms-adorable and so many different varieties! These would look great sprinkled along my sideboard. (What do you call you sideboard? A buffet? A credenza?)

Some super-cute Cupcake Washcloths-Can't you just see all the different color combos? Pink and brown, blue and yellow, white and brown with sprinkles!

More crochet, Hearts-If I start now, I'll have enough to make a super-sweet banner for Valentine's day!

I've seen so many great slipper patterns out there (like this or this)but I could not get these super-cute ones out of my head so I bought the pattern.

And while I was buying patterns, I also bought this hat pattern. It's a turkey. You know, for Thanksgiving. Which I will totally be wearing to Thanksgiving if I get it completed. My husband is crossing his fingers that somehow I do NOT find the time to make this, I'm sure.

So, so far these have all been yarn crafts. I also have a sewing project or two in the works.

I'm planning a Bricks and Cobblestones quilt to keep for my very own!

And for Project Linus, I have the bugs and flower-themed string quilt that has been in neglected for too long.

I love Martha's fleece hat patterns (more here) and have plans (and fleece) to make several for our local school district's hat and coat drive. I love the jester hat with pompoms and I think kids will too!

And gifts that aren't in jars will most likely be getting wrapped up in these adorable, reusable ribbon-tied bags. And they're so easy, just two fat quarters!

I will NOT be making my holiday cards this year because last year I totally burned my fingers to a deep char with the iron and glue gun making a bajillion cards for a cards swap! But I probably will be wrapping a few jars of homemade mixes for gifts and I love this cute look!

I make a cross-stitch ornament every year (the picture is of last year's) and Pip Stitch clued me in to a great resource for patterns for free! The Christmas Ornament Stitch-A-Long blog has tons of great patterns and pictures from those participating. I really like this tree but I also like this sheep (PDF). Maybe if I start early, I can do both!

And I have two lovely cats to make silhouettes for as a wedding present for my friend. I learned silhouette cutting from my mom who used to do it at our school fairs. Here's a really nifty tutorial for making silhouettes from photos, which is what I am doing with the cats.

And finally, I've been wanting some new earrings and when I have beads and wire sitting in my studio, I can't imagine paying for them at a store! I really like these hammered wire ones (PDF), I bet they're very swingy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scrap Challenge completed!

I participated in the Scrap Challenge hosted by JCasa Handmade. We each sent in a scarp of fabric and got 10 smaller scraps back with which to create something and post to the flickr group. Here is what I made:

Just kidding! Those would be some crazy big earrings! They are two brooches made using this tutorial. (Except I hot glued mine into the backing instead of sewing it. I hate hand sewing!!)

You can see all the other participants' challenge pieces that have bee posted so far here at the flickr group.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pup Pal of the week!

This lovely fluffy Corgi girl is Kali corgi (with her pal Rani macaw). Doesn't she have the prettiest face? She is also quite talented in agility and has a blog of her very own! And Sully is very honored to be her featured Pup Pal of the Week this week! Thank you Kali corgi (and owner SanSan), we love your blog and are extremely honored to be your Pup Pal any day of any week!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Enough talk!

Enough talking about it, finally here it is! My new pattern for fall, the Black Forest Scoodie!

It's a super-warm double-layer fleece scarf-hood combo! Perfect for those with gnome fantasies or a secret elf personality. The scarf wraps around to keep out the chill and the pointy hood can be worn pointed up or flopped down! Just like when the Pillowcase Pinnie was introduced, you can buy it at the special introductory rate (save 50 cents!) and of course there's no shipping charge for a PDF pattern! Love that!

Tell me what you think!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friday Flea Market

I used to love to look at Holly Doodle's Flea Market posts where she would post her recent finds up for sale! She now just puts those items in her shop but still fun to go look around. So I've decided to try out participating in the Friday Flea Market! I have a couple of collections of things I have been meaning to sell so each Friday for the next couple of weeks will have a theme. If you're interested in anything shown below, email or leave a comment.
Today's theme is:
Vintage Doll Clothes
I think these would be really fun hanging up on a clothesline with little clothes pegs in a kid's room or a crafty studio area! Or I have also seen some really neat arrangements of framed doll clothes. These are all well-played-with and most have stains, rips, missing buttons and such, which happens when you love your dolls enough to change their clothes for every meal! I purchased these from an older woman who had just moved into town after living in the country all her life. They are mostly handmade with a few commercial pieces. All have been washed and stored in a smoke-free home.

*SOLD* The white collection includes a white dress with lace, a pink dress with lace, ruffly pink bonnet, flannel diaper and one lone flannel mitten. (The tiny thumb gets me every time, it's so darn cute!)

The Mary collection includes a pink and blue print dress (very cute little girls and lambs print), a long white dress, a short white dress with lace and hand-embroidered blue flowers and a white bonnet with lace edging. $8 plus shipping

The pink collection includes a pink puff-sleeved dress and lace collar, purple ruffly bonnet, too-cute flannel jacket/shirt, large pink bonnet and store-bought tie-on long sleeve shirt. $9

And to keep the baby dolls warm at night, we have two blankets!

Do you know what this is? It's a Esmond Bunny Blanket. In a book given out free to children by Esmond Mills, a bunny looses his coat of hair and mommy bunny gets him a blanket from Esmond Mills to keep him warm. The book contains the line “Tell your mother that if she would like to find blankets just as cozy as Bunny’s, all she needs to do is to insist on Esmonds.” This blanket measures 12" x 10". $11 plus shiping

This crazy patch quilt is WORN with love. The piecing is all done by hand, binding by machine. Some patches are dientegrating, the faded backing is a charming large polka dot print, besides the decorative stitches around each patch there is embroidery in a couple of places (a nice butterfly for example), most stitching is visible on the backing as well. I would say this is most likely a child's first quilt. $14 plus shipping

To visit all the other participants this week, click here.

And if you've got a My Friend doll who would love some vintage outfits that fit her to a T, I have two etsy listings for super-cute outfits complete with accessories!

Strawberry Shortcake

and Pancake Breakfast