Friday, September 14, 2007

Doughnut recipes?

I was doing some research, trying to find inspiration for the Krispy Kreme recipe contest. The only recipes I am finding are for bread pudding (naturally, but boring and overdone) and fried Krispy Kremes as in pan-fried after buying them. Gag! Oh, and of course the classic hamburger with Krispy Kreme for a bun. You don't have to use the original glazed that comes to mind so I'm thinking maybe an apple tart with a cake donut or sour cream donut crumble topping. Does that sound good? Or sticky and gross?


  1. YUM! I love Krispy Kremes-- original of course. But the apple tart sounds good. I am never imaginative to come up with good ideas like that!!! Good luck!

    You know what would be good??? Krispy Kreme Ice Cream!!! With like swirls of cinnamon and chunks of Krispy Kreme. Has that been done?

  2. Hi Jenna...I just had to stop on over and say hi after your 'garden' post on my blog. Plus, what Corgi lover could resist a blog called 'CorgiPants'? So cute. Have a happy weekend. -CS ^..^

  3. I'd give it a try, it sounds like it could be a tasty experiment.