Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So, I forgot to mention the other day that I also welcome all of you to help celebrate Oc-Tute-ber by posting your own tutorials. I will have a blog button later tonight that you can post on your sidebar if you'd like.

For now, here are two Instructables I have made previously. Unlike these two, my Oc-Tute-ber tutorials and recipes will be hosted here on my blog because I'm not exactly in love with Instructables. There are some good recipes and a few good crafts but you have to wade through a bunch of K'Nex guns, electronic gadgets I would never make and way too many redundant tutorials for things like bags and knitting how-tos.

Kanzashi Flower Pin -A folded-petal flower made from scrap fabric, this makes a nice brooch or hair clip.

Neck Cooler -We used to use these at dog shows and fairs. They are cheap to make and keep you and your dog cool on hot days through evaporation.

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