Monday, October 1, 2007

Quite random

I just got the nicest phone call from someone who saw my letter to the editor in today's paper and thought I was right on. I wrote in response to someone else's letter a few days ago saying her daughter's dog, who was in the yard with her while she gardened, had been hit by a van who didn't stop or seem to notice. I expressed the appropriate sympathy but then reminded the citizens of our fair city that they should really restrain their animals, for their own safety. Even if they're in your own yard, they should really be fenced or on a leash because once they cross into the street, which you have no way of stopping them from doing if they see a squirrel as this dog had, they are a danger to themselves and possibly others. It was nice to hear that others felt the same way when they read her letter. But this call also taught me that looking up letter-writers in the phone book to tell them they are either right on or way off is acceptable! A new hobby! Just kidding, though I do love reading the letters to the editor. There's just something about hearing the opinions of one's neighbors that's much more grounded in reality than reading what the news has to say about the issues at hand.

Also, a warning to anyone expecting a swap from me: I am on a purple kick, for no reason other than one person mentioned they liked purple and now it seems I can't start a project without it turning purple! Purple was my sister's very favorite color in the whole world, her room was purple, purple velvet carpet, purple painted walls, purple crazy quilt and purple shag carpet rug by her bed. And a giant stuffed purple gorilla wearing a purple corduroy vest and purple newsboy hat!


  1. Your Dishcloth Swap PalOctober 2, 2007 at 3:00 PM

    OK, I think I'd be totally freaked out if a stranger called me like that LOL. Then again, I've not had an actual 'home' phone for years - I'm a cell phone only kind of girl.