Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sully in the pants
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The corgi from CorgiPants wears Pants! Sully is such a good sport, he posed for this photo wearing not his pants, but the CAT'S pants. That's right, here at CorgiPants there is also a cat. You'll have to visit my Flickr to see pictures of the cat shunning his pants. But these pants are my entry for Crazy Aunt Purl's Cat Sweater Sweepstakes. Not that they are a sweater or that I got the cat to actually wear them. But what the heck! Here's the story I emailed her about the pants:
Ok, so here's the story. I wanted to make my cat a pair of pants, like you know, lounging around pajama pants. Where I got the idea that I would EVER get pants on my cat, of all cats, is beyond me. Red is a terrible cat, truly, he loves no one, smells (found that out today trying to put the pants on him one last time), bites and scratches when unprovoked so don't even start provoking him! Anyway, I made the pants. With a little tail hole that closes up with Velcro and everything. Back when I originally made the pants, maybe two years ago, I respected the cat too much to try and force them on him other than a cursory try. But today I tried again, in earnest! Because the cat has screwed me over enough times for me to know he is a true adversary and if he doesn't want to wear the pants, he won't. But by God I'm going to try! I got one leg in! Then I thought the smartest route would be to get the tail in to sort of lock them on and then shimmy the other pantleg onto the other leg. But the tail was the hardest bit. The cat HATES having his back end touched. The tail is off limits and every time I bent the tail to get it in, he made terrible gurgley hissing noises and let off a real stink, which was coming from under his tail. (Sometimes, out of spite, the cat leaks on the bed and leaves a little poo stain on my pillow and right about now, he was leaking onto the pants.) I got the tail in not once but twice but once the tail was firmly in position with the velcro gripping it at its base, he would shoot away from my grip, gasping and hissing and throwing up his back legs in horror! Once I saw the stain on the pants, I knew it was time to quit. Sully (our ever-loving corgi) glanced at me, knew what I was thinking and sidled up to me slowly. "Yes, ok, I will wear the pants. To please you and because I've never really seen you so riled up, please calm down, you're scaring me." 30 seconds later, the pants had been on, I had taken a picture and the pants had been removed. Gotta love an obedient dog. The cat on the other hand, I suppose I love him too. Not sure why though.

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  1. Oh dear God, I literally have tears in my eyes at that picture! He actually looks PROUD to be wearing the pants! And the Red story is hilarious! How I've missed giant Red...I hope you win the contest!