Friday, September 7, 2007


What breed of horse would you be? Not what breed would you like to be? Or what breed is your favorite but what breed would you be if on the day you were born your mother happened to be a horse? I, being a very horsey girl most of my life, have put much thought into this.

First you must consider certain physical characteristics. I am tall for a female, so I could never have been a pony of any sort no matter how cute they are. Yet I'm stocky, so I could also never be a wispy Arabian or a lanky gaited breed. I have big feet (size 10) which would knock out stock breeds and make me think warmblood or draft horse.

Work ethic/style wise, I would much prefer the steady day to day workload of pulling a wagon or fieldwork over the extreme highs and lows of something like three day eventing or reining competitions. I'm steady, hardworking, level-headed most of the time. I'd prefer to be in a pasture than in an air-conditioned barn. (But please give me a fly mask!) I don't like the spotlight terribly and am not very flashy looking. I often think of myself as plodding along. Plodding along to the grocery store, plodding along with a 50 lb bag of books at work, plodding along through the day the best I can. This would lead me to believe I would be a draft horse, but not one with a lot of flash like Shires and Clydesdales. No, I'm more of a Belgian, with minimal feathering, a common chestnut coat and a soft eye.

BUT! Given my proclivity for not reproducing and my general goofiness/tendency to be just a bit different, in reality I am fairly certain I would have been born a Belgian Mule. You can't take yourself too seriously with giant ears that flop around when you shake the flies off your head. But a mule can also be stately. A big draft mule can have the same presence as a draft horse, the same powerful step, the same massive haunches, but you can't help but smile when you hear a mule bray good morning to you!

I don't think this is only because I like mules. I think maybe I like mules because I share so much with them. I wish most horse people weren't so snobby and would stop thinking mules are something so below them. In 4-H, I was never allowed to show my mules because the rules only allow horses and ponies. They told me they thought mules would disrupt the grounds and put the horses out of whack. Horse people!


  1. I'd be a Morgan. Strong, steady and solid.

  2. What a very clever article you have written! Enjoyed it very much. And, by the way, even though I'm a horse person, I think mules are just great!