Thursday, March 27, 2008

New swap!

So, before and during the move I really tried to cut down on my swaps. I didn't do ANY for about a month. But now that the craft room is unpacked and I the dreary weather is ripe for crafting, I just couldn't pass up Yarn Miracle's Wee Tiny Sock Swap! I bought my knitting-at-work friend and I each one of these adorable sock blocker keychains for Christmas and I whipped one up last night. So cute! I can just imagine a few of these little devils on a wreath in the craft room!

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Giveaways!

I LOVE Watkins! Anyone who knows me knows I slather Watkins Petro-Carbo salve on any cut, scrape, infected area or ailment! And their vanilla can't be beat! Check out Eleisia's Watkins Spring Giveaway. She's giving away a LOAD of Watkins stuff!

And Kate of the Clean Plate Club is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma! She's giving us all a LOT of time to browse as the giveaway doesn't close until May 1! I had a bit of a browse and am in dire need of round layer cake pans (I have two but they are puny, tiny ones that make dinky cakes.) and I was also quite taken with the
Emile Henry Auberge Pie Dishes.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday week!

Originally uploaded by Corgipants
It's my birthday this week, Thursday to be more precise. What?! I hadn't told you yet? Well, I've been a little busy but I am not ready to kick off a weekend-long birthday bash! I'm on a mission to get a few projects done around the house so that I will feel comfortable opening it up to people for a house warming! I have limited myself to just a few items that I require to be complete before inviting guests: curtains on all the windows, at least some art hanging in every room and curio cabinet full of tchotchkes. This is a picture of my newly completed laundry room valances made from thrift store sheets! Very retro and fun colors!

I've also been busy planning another Drop In & Decorate party at work! This time we're doing Easter/spring cookies! So far I have enough people signed up to bring over 200 cookies! Our total last time was around 150.

I've also been busy making a few cards for Keikicards. I figure it will take me a while to make enough cards to be a large enough package worth sending but if I make a couple each week, I will have a good variety at least!

And Sully and I have been gearing up for our seminar in Chicago this weekend where we will be learning a little more about freestyle from the World Canine Freestyle Organization! I'm very excited to learn more about the requirements as far as moves and also how to choose music and set moves to the music you've chosen! I'm not exactly musically inclined, but they say you don't need to be so we'll see. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've been crafting a bit lately. These are three cards, each for a different card challenge going on right now.
This first one if for Kim's sketch challenge. I got some embossing powders from my mom and am sort of addicted to them!
This next one is for Nikki's blog candy challenge to use something you have in your stash that you don't like. For me, it's these kind of creepy crayons. I got the stamped images in a stamped image swap on PaperCraftsMag and their faces creep me out! I tried to perk them up with some embossing! The inside says "When I see you smile". And this one is for Enfys' challenge to use black and white along with one accent color. Of course my color is pink! This is sort of a late Valentine's card that will wait until next year. Yet more embossing!
And at the sewing machine, I created a prototype for a pattern I am working on. I am calling it the Gretel hood. It's a hood with scarf ends attached to each side and it's got a Black Forest red-riding-hood vibe going on with it's pointy hood and ribbon accent. It needs reworked though but for a first draft, it's pretty nice. Warm too!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Two more

Cause you know you need a new apron!
Over at the Apronista, they are giving away an absolutely adorable Marie-Madeline apron! Enter to win!

And if you're into stamping, etc. Leann's got a little blog candy giveaway that includes an adorable cupcake stamp!! Enter here!

Sheetload of cards!

Don't you just love that name? Sheetload of Cards is sponsoring a giveaway
for an awesome pack of 15 (15!) stamp sets from Studio G! Enter to win by Friday.