Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Spiral Felt Ornaments Tutorial

Oc-Tute-ber Tutorial #2 for:
Spiral Felt Ornament

Cute on the tree at Christmas or hanging around the house all year long! Keep your eyes open Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I think that is when I will be posting tutorials this month.

Felt-full pieces are better than scraps because we will want to make long strips
Long beading needle or other long needle
Assorted beads-make sure the holes are big enough for the needle to pass through
Assorted yarns and ribbons
Perle cotton thread or other thick thread
Jump rings

Cut 1 inch wide strips at l2 inches in length from two or three different colors of felt.

Start at one end (the color you want in the middle) and roll the felt tightly into a spiral. When one strip ends, overlap about 1/4 inch when adding the next strip.

I usually make mine about 1.5 inches in diameter so when you have rolled your last strip, place a dab of glue under the end and use a pin to hold it in place.

You can also pin it temporarily between rounds to clean up any uneven strips. Sometimes you will cut a strip wider then the others and it will stick out. You can simply cut this excess off with scissors.

Now we'll make the tassel. Choose your ribbons and yarns. You'll probably want about 3-4 different yarns/ribbons and each piece should be about 10-12 inches long. To create tassel, bundle the pieces together and fold them in half with a 24" piece of perle cotton through the folded end. Tie a piece of perle cotton around them about 1/2 inch away from the folded end and wrap a few times, tying off when you're done. Cut off loose ends that you tied and trim ends of yarn/ribbon so they're even.

Thread your needle with both ends of the thread that is within the eye of your tassel. String a bead into your needle and push it down the the top of the tassel. Insert the needle into the middle of the felt strip at the point where your pin had been and push in all the way through the spiral so that it comes out at the opposite side.

It can be hard to pull both threads all the way through so use pliers if you need to to get it through. Pull taught but not so taught as to distort your spiral. String another bead onto your cotton.

Remove the needle and string a jump ring onto one of the threads. Tie a double knot with both threads to hold the jump ring on. Cut ends short. You can thread a loop of string through the jump ring or you can use it as the place to attach a wire ornament hanger for your tree.

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  1. Your Dishcloth Swap PalOctober 4, 2007 at 4:27 AM

    Those are really cute! I think you did a good job with the photos for a tutorial as well.