Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend in Review

Lakeshore loot!
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We are back from our long weekend of dog show and visiting family. Here's the breakdown:

Drive up-fine until terrible, dead-stop traffic due to an accident on 294 or somewhere thereabouts

First destination-Hotel where the dog show was being held. Awesome welcome goody bag with tons of dog food samples, a free Frontline Plus application(awesome!), food, toiletries, a leash, an ice cream scoop, giant bag clips for dog food bags, bandanna, dog toys, and more!

Small incident with the crate when Mike and I were at hospitality party, Sully has minor freak-out and busts through mesh door of soft-sided crate. Emergency trip to Target for shoelaces to lace mesh back together. Not a problem since. Mike has head cold so we pick up Sudafed (the good kind) while at Target. Bed is extremely hard.

Dog Show-Sully gets his first leg toward CD title (1st place), first leg toward RA title (2nd place) and a 1st place in Rally Novice B. (See pic of loot.) Very happy!

Shopping at Mitsuwa-Grocery list includes: Panko breadcrumbs, fresh pastries shaped like crabs and pumpkins, Rement miniature sets!!!, much Japanese candy and tiny bento box paper cups

Bed is still very hard.

We discover a nail in our tire, Mike very nicely offers to sit at Walmart getting it patched while I watch tv and pack up.

Drive was scenic and much more exciting than our normal route to WI!

Next destination-Hotel in WI, bed is much improved! Room has two fireplaces, but no real fire in either.

Dinner with in-laws goes well. Sully meets three new dogs and hangs with them fairly peaceably.

Jenna now has Mike's headcold but has softer bed to recuperate in. Herbal tea, whirlpool bath, soft tissues help too.

Ate in a mine shaft-themed restaurant for lunch.

Dinner at in-laws, dogs behave, things are good. Nice to relax, no to-do lists, no email, no phone.

Long drive home, 6 hours as usual but seemed longer because the drive up was broken into two relatively equal chunks.

Goodwill, scored a skirt for my Halloween costume and a new (to me) wool coat. I can't stand to pay $50 or more dollars for a coat when I can get one every year or so at Goodwill for $6!

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  1. Your Dishcloth Swap PalOctober 30, 2007 at 4:40 AM

    Wow sounds like you had a great, busy, long weekend! You should have gotten your package from me by now :( Has it not arrived?