Sunday, October 14, 2007

When I Grow Up

At the concert the other night, Mike and I were undoubtedly the youngest people there minus a boy who looked to be about 14 and had obviously been dragged there by his grandparents. I know it wasn't a totally rockin' concert but aren't there some people without gray hair that attend events at arts centers? Besides us?

Yesterday I hosted a tea party for two of my friends who each have two little girls. We had finger sandwiches and little cookies and jell-o orange wedges and fruity teas and many other fun things. Fairy wings, poofy skirts, and stuffed animals were in large supply. I wore an apron and a tiara! And Sully, our Royal Corgi guest of honor, graced us with a visit to receive fistfuls of cookies from each girl.

This is a trend with me. I fit in with the very young and the very old, it seems. But the trend isn't just with me! I'm reading Rejuvenile by Christopher Noxon, which is about the growing trend of adults to adopt childlike attitudes and occupations. One word for them (for me, dare I say?) is kidult. Kidults collect action figures or jump rope or read the funnies or have a slinkie on their desk. Kidults wear pigtails or play video games or join co-rec soccer teams. There is a vast spectrum of kidults from those who have a secret train set-up in the basement to those who decorate their entire house in Hello Kitty.

Our Park District is great and we're lucky to have it but just like every other Park District, they cater to the young (under 16) and the old (over 55). I can't wait til I'm 55 so I can go to Bunco, Breakfast and Bingo, Paddleball, Potlucks, Mystery Trips, Hayrack Cookouts, Halloween Brunch, Name That Tune and a host of holiday activities! I guess most people my age are having kids and so their time and attention is mainly taken up by their children's activities. But I really wish they'd offer more for adults then just fitness classes and softball. Maybe I'll paint some wrinkles on and wear a hat to the Fall Tea or Gingerbread Making!


  1. Your Dishcloth Swap PalOctober 15, 2007 at 9:07 PM

    I love this post, and I can relate so much. I'm not sure I like calling it Kidults or pondering it all that much - I like to think of it as holding on to some of the joys and innocence of childhood, and enjoying them.

    Things like coloring or catching a cartoon.. or loving candy or ice cream cones or sometimes just totally acting goofy and being 'a kid'. Even at 30something. I'm the girl that'll wear her hair in pigtails with overalls, just because I can - and put on facepaint for a sports day and skip down the hall or sing a goofy song. And I love it :)

    I'm Juuust about done with your package! I have all of the goodies now and am just finishing up a cloth I designed with a particular stitch I love for you - thinking you can try it out as a face cloth since you haven't done that much!

    I hope you're having a great week!

  2. I relate a lot to this post as well. I attribute it to the emphasis of teenagers/young adults to continue their education once high school is completed. It's tough to grow up when you're still in school. Most are not completely financially independent.