Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ribbon Lanyard Bracelet Tutorial

Oc-Tute-Ber tutorial #4 for
Ribbon Lanyard Bracelet

Those who have made lanyards at scout camp will be familiar with the weaving used to make this bracelet.

What you'll need:
4 pieces of ribbon, each 2 yards long (For this bracelet, I used 1/4 inch wide but you can use any size or combination of sizes)
Needle and thread

Overlap the centers of all four ribbons as shown here. Secure these together by either lightly tacking together with needle and thread of adding a drop of glue to each intersection.

To begin weaving, fold the first ribbon down over the one underneath it.

We work first in a counterclockwise direction so continue to fold down the next ribbon across the one beneath it.

And the next

And finally the last

When you fold the last ribbon over, slip it under the loop of the first ribbon you folded down like so. Tighten all four ribbons.

After going around counterclockwise, reverse the pattern and fold the ribbons across working in a clockwise direction. Begin this round with the ribbon you just passed under the loop.

Continue repeating these two, tightening the ribbons after each round, until your weaving measures 3 1/2 inches long.

Then repeat on the opposite side of where you tacked your ribbons together. Stop when the entire piece measures 7 inches long.

To fasten both ends, sew a criss cross stitch through each of the four squares and cut the ribbon close to the weaving.

Then give the bracelet a full twist and butt the two ends up gainst one another. Whip stitch the edges together.

The bracelet will look small but it stretches to fit over your hand.

You can also find this tutorial over at Cut Out + Keep.


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