Thursday, October 11, 2007


groovyholly's got us thinking about scents and memories over at Create A Connection.

1) Throughout childhood and even adulthood certain people always smelled different to us, what scents remind you of a loved one?
Old Spice (in the classic ceramic bottle) reminds me of the special times when my dad would clean up, shave and put on one of his fresh western shirts (instead of a work shirt). These occasions were rare but the smell of Old Spice almost always meant something special was happening. I had gotten all A's and we were going out to dinner. Grandma was in town and we were going into town for lunch. Or I was about to graduate from High School. My dad didn't go to school plays or open houses or spelling bees. That was mom's job. But when the occasion was really worth celebrating, Dad would pull himself away from work and the garage and the farm to accompany us into town.
2) Are there any scents that remind you of a special place or time in your life?
My Grandma A's bathroom was FULL of rose-scented soaps and candles. It had pink rose wallpaper, pink toilet cover, rug and towels. My failing memory seems to recall even the fixtures were pale pink but it could have just been the haze of rose-scent clouding the room.
3) What are some comforting smells for you?
I love the smell of clean sheets. Throughout my childhood, my dad smoked in the house. When you are constantly around cigarette smoke, you no longer smell it but you also don't smell much of anything else. When I would spend the weekend with my sister, I would be amazed at how GOOD her house smelled. The bathroom smelled like air freshener, the beds smelled like detergent and fresh sheets from the cedar closet, the kitchen smelled like apples and lemonade or coffee and muffins! Clean sheets with a hint of cedar are a dream come true. I love sniffing pillow cases!
4) Do you use any form of aromatherapy in your home or throughout the day?
I have Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint lotion at work (relaxing) and their sleep and passion scents at home. The sleep scent to me smells like the bug spray at had at Girl Scout camp one year and puts me straight to sleep thinking about zonking out after a night of giggling in that tent.
5) What scents evoke the most powerful memories for you?
The smell of musty wood chips reminds me of 4-H. Horse shows at county fair grounds, dog obedience classes at the stock pavilion, seminars in someone's barn, taking care of my own animals. I was socially awkward at school but when I smelled wood chips, I knew there was at least someone around that I had something in common with and I was somewhere where I could handle what was thrown at me.
6) What are some of your favorite scents/smells?
Dog feet! I love the corn-chip-ish smell of dog feet! I also like candles that are fruit or baked-goods scented. I love soap that is Oatmeal, Milk and Honey scented. I like fresh pine and citrus scents too!
7) If you had to describe yourself as a scent (or combination), what scents would you be?
I would be a kitchen smell, probably a batch of snickerdoodles baking with a background scent of a soapy sinkful of dishes. I would call it Aprongstrings.

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