Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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Too many
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T is for Toys

So, I mentioned eBaying some ponies. This is because I have far too many toys lying around the house for someone with no children. I'm not saying it's weird to have toys, I love toys! But I have FAR too many. I pick them up at garage sales out of habit, I get new ones for birthday and Christmas on occasion, sometimes I just can't pass them up in the store myself. So this is a picture of a few of the boxes of ponies I hope to find new homes for. Mind you, I probably have this many or more that I'm keeping in boxes in the basement. I have a few, 20 or so, out on display but one can't have 100 ponies on shelves where other adults can see them. Plus as cute as I think they are, sometimes their neon colors and over-use of garish pinks gets to me so I try to keep their presence limited.


  1. You don't by any chance have a blue rainbow butt pony with rainbow hair, do you?

    That is the only one I remember from my youth.

  2. Was she a baby pony? Maybe Baby Sunribbon, I don't have one of those though sadly.

  3. During the year we collect toys in the attick and when Sinterklaas gets near (that's the big give-away we have here instead of christmas) I'm on the look-out who organises sinterklaas for poor, ill or other children.

    We play sinterklaas by giving them a bag full of toys. That way we're sure they end up in loving arms.

    You asked how come I visited your blog.

    I think you participated in something like "works for me wednesday" and I visited your blog to see what you replied.

    Thanks for participating in the august give-away.