Sunday, August 26, 2007

A-Z of me

Second corgi wall hanging
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Q is for Quilt

I don't typically quilt. But I can. Quilting is too long a crafting process for me to really get into, first the piecing then the sandwiching and quilting, then adding the binding. I suppose that's what some people like about it, it's time-consuming and relaxing. But I generally craft for end product. That's why I like
Malec Designs patterns for free-standing appliqué. Quilting with a glue stick?! That's my kind of quilting! It's still time consuming, hand-folding the edges of each appliqué piece. But the actual quilting goes a LOT faster since I use a machine to zigzag around each free-folded piece. Awesome! This wallhaning won fourth place at the county fair and will be auctioned off in October to benefit Corgi-Aid.

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