Sunday, August 12, 2007

A-Z of me

In rags
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Last night I put my hair up in rags. To see the finished product, you'll have to check out my flickr. I like rags because they make me feel both very old-fashioned and very young at the same time. I think of postcards of cute little girls in slips with their hair in rags. Not that that has anything to do with today's A-Z of me!

J is for Journal

I have kept numerous journals over the years. In grade school, I had a "Dear Diary" sort of journal in which I recorded the usual crushes, fights with friends, and school field trips. Then in junior high, when I thought I was super grown up, I ripped those pages out and started again with a sort of dream journal/favorite quotes/why-are-we-here sort of existential blahness.

After we got married, I kept a journal mainly to communicate to my husband what I couldn't verbally express. It was full of "If only you'd..."s and "If you want so badly to..."s. It facilitated many a newlywed meltdown.

I've had a LiveJournal since 2003, used mainly in the early days to belong to several communities that I no longer frequent.

And now I've started this blog. Inspired by all the wonderful blogs I read, I wanted to create my own entertaining, quick daily read. Maybe make some new friends. Maybe feel a sort of belonging in the crafty, home-tending, cupcake-baking, artful blogosphere.

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