Sunday, August 19, 2007

A-Z of me make-up day!

O is for Oven

Mine gets used a LOT! I love to bake, mostly sweets but sometimes biscuits or rolls. I do make bread but I use the bread machine for that because I am hideously bad at kneading/rising/all other steps in bread making. Right now I am in a swap-bot swap for muffin recipes and am excited about the prospect of savory muffin recipes!

Jenna's top five favorite pies
1-Strawberry Rhubarb
2-Chocolate cream (from scratch, not just pudding in a pie shell)
3-Banana cream with big chunks of banana
4-Coconut cream with meringue and toasted coconut on top
5-Apple pie with brown sugar streusel topping

Jenna's top five favorite cookies
1-Cut-out sugar cookies (very thick and with royal frosting)
2-Almond spritz cookies
3-Chocolate chip cookies (chewy and thicker than average)
4-Soft ginger/molasses cut-outs (Not gingersnaps, not gingerbread, like soft sugar cookies but gingerbread-flavored)
5-Chocolate crinkles


  1. Will you be sharing any of your favorite recipes? I have some Harry Potter cookie cutters on their way to me from ebay and would love a cut out sugar cookie recipe. I don't bake alot (it intimidate me) so I need a tried and true recipe.

    Glad to see you're back on your abc's!

  2. I was thinking about posting a few recipes but to be completely honest, I was being truly lazy and didn't want to walk to the kitchen and get them. haha! So I will post a few later tonight! I have the most awesome sugar cookie recipe! You won't be disappointed!