Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ribbon wreath

Ribbon wreath
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The other dayScrappy Jessi, my partner for the Vintage Kitchen Swap , posted an awesome swap package she got that included some altered vintage ribbons. They are so beautificent and altogether too timely as I had just started working on this wreath for the living room to replace the paper snowflakes that had been up since last winter. I have a few spares left over and I'm thinking maybe of craftlifting the idea from Kimla, the one who made them!

I can't decide if I like this wreath or not. It's cheerful and I do love having my ribbons out instead of on boxes in the basement but it also reminds me a bit of wreaths at funerals. Opinions?

Note-I completey forgot to tell you where I got the idea for this wreath. Danny Seo made one with a grapevine base (mine is wire) and it was in some magazine, possibly Better Homes and Gardens, a while ago. I've carried the idea with me for quite some time and finally when I requested some of my trophies from my parents' house and my mom sort of insisted I take the whole lot, ribbons and plaques and all, I finally had reason to make one.


  1. Hey I just stumbled on your blog and I think the wreath is cute. I'd keep it.