Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Too early?

Ok, so I had the Halloween boxes out of the garage on September 15! Is that too early?

What can I say, I get excited! We do up Halloween big at work, decorating the library and hosting a trick-or-treating party for employees and their kids with hot cider, apples and caramel dip and apple cider doughnuts! And I get to help decorate since my office is IN the library! This year I started gathering ideas early for quick, simple things that would also have a big impact. I've learned that small, cutesy things get lost in a public space. You need to make a statement if you want your decorations to really say "Halloween!" And I've tried to adopt this rule to my home as well, though I do still break out some smaller cutesy things.

One of my first decorations up this year is a new wreath! Inspired by the Hallo-Wreath Challenge, I whipped this one up yesterday. In the past, my wreaths were usually a grapevine wreath with cutesy ghosts, candy corn and some spider webs. I am going for a more spooky/decrepit/haunted look this year so this one is made with branches from our Hawthorne tree (VERY thorny), a dollar store plastic skeleton and a string of orange lights.

It hangs above the mailbox by the front door and is my first outdoor decoration for ANY holiday at the new house! (Well, besides the American flag on flag holidays.) It will be joined by some super-spooky large-scale decorations on the front porch including a giant plastic-bag spider, lots of pumpkins (grown in the backyard) and more of those thorny branches! Pictures later this month.


  1. Jenna
    Your wreath is FABULOUS!!!
    I love the way you used the string of lights. I will also have to run out to the local dollar store and get some of those cool plastic skeletons
    Thank you for participating in the Hallo-wreath challenge

  2. It's hard not to break things out early when stores are already selling candy and costumes. I've already bought Theo's costume, dressed him in it, and taken pictures...because I couldn't possibly wait a whole month! ;)

    That wreath is fantastic!!! I absolutely love it. I've never hung Halloween decorations, but if I had a wreath like that, it would go up in a heartbeat.

  3. NOT too early! Your wreath is spooktacular. I love asymetry! - Amy Bauer

  4. I love your wreath. It so reminds me of Jack Skellington who as you know, I love. I love the balance of the wreath.

  5. it is never too early for decorations! especially if they make you happy and excited!
    :) melissa

  6. Your wreath is those lights..

  7. your wreath ROCKS! The one I've used the last 12 (yes, 12) years died during storage. That being said, I'm off to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to find some stuff to make a new one. I may have to 'borrow' your idea if you don't mind! :-)

  8. very clever! thanks for entering it in the contest...

  9. I love your wreath! And, I didn't save a link to the garland blog and couldn't remember the name for it so thanks for that!

  10. ooh,I love it! Very cool :)

  11. Congrats on your Honorable Mention in the Dabbled Halloween contest! You can pick up your button here if ya want :)