Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boo-tiful Decor!

Another day, another Halloween post for Living Locurto's Halloween Blog Party

This vignette is the corner of my living room with all those lovely windows. I tied wide black ribbon into a bow around the lamp, added a cauldron and Halloween knick-knacks to the table and bat cutouts to the windows. One of the windows (that faces the street) has purple lights around it. Oh, and that? That's my pet giant orange-striped spider! You don't have one? Sometimes the web covers the tv, but it comes off with Clorox Anywhere spray. :)

This is my buffet, which I'm not exactly happy with just yet but I think I've put enough thought into Halloween this year and need to move on to other things! It's got some pumpkins (from the garden of course), an old light-up skeleton, a needlepoint Halloween cat and other various spooky things like candles and a chain.

And here is my table display. Plenty more pumpkins!


  1. Your halloween decor is super cute, but I think I would have horrible nightmares and/or die if I had a giant spider like that in my living room! eeeek!

  2. Spooktacular!!! Love the spiders!! So creepy.

  3. That spider is freaking me out! It all looks fantastic though!