Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Caution-Halloween in progress

This month I have slowly been putting out more and more Halloween. I'm taking it slow, letting things develop as I go. And I want to spread out my posts about the Halloween decorations this month as well. So here are some in-progress shots to whet your appetite.
This cat is a cutie from Mom. She had a booth at craft fairs for a while, selling paintings and wooden things that Dad had cut out and she painted. This cat is too sweet!

Another cutie, this bat was a Target find last year. Isn't his little smile cute?

Here is the front porch in progress. It consists of branches (painted black) in planters behind the bench and strewn with cobwebs, pumpkins and gourds, my skeleton wreath and a light-up spiderweb on the window. I have more to add too! Can you see my two big helpers in the doorway?

And here are more of those pumpkins and gourds, this time on the dining table. They aren't arranged the way I want yet, some will stay here and some will go on the buffet. These are all from my garden, from seeds I have saved over the years. I love gourds!

I submitted this post to Tip Junkie's Talk to me Tuesday. I love that blog!


  1. The decorations looks great! You've totally inspired me to save my seeds this year and grow some gorgeous pumpkins!

  2. Don't you just love gourds? I see your little cutie pies in the doorway, Jenna! xo Cat ^..^

  3. Your porch is amazing, I am so jealous.

  4. I love how your pets are getting in the spirit of Halloween fun. Look at their glowing eyeballs at the front door!