Friday, October 17, 2008

Craft ideas 2008!

Lulu needs some craft ideas! And she's willing to pay for them. (Well, she'll give you a chance to win some Michael's money, anyway.) So I thought I'd share all the crafts that are on my To-Do list! Each of these projects has a tutorial or instructions, just follow the link.

Felted Mushrooms-adorable and so many different varieties! These would look great sprinkled along my sideboard. (What do you call you sideboard? A buffet? A credenza?)

Some super-cute Cupcake Washcloths-Can't you just see all the different color combos? Pink and brown, blue and yellow, white and brown with sprinkles!

More crochet, Hearts-If I start now, I'll have enough to make a super-sweet banner for Valentine's day!

I've seen so many great slipper patterns out there (like this or this)but I could not get these super-cute ones out of my head so I bought the pattern.

And while I was buying patterns, I also bought this hat pattern. It's a turkey. You know, for Thanksgiving. Which I will totally be wearing to Thanksgiving if I get it completed. My husband is crossing his fingers that somehow I do NOT find the time to make this, I'm sure.

So, so far these have all been yarn crafts. I also have a sewing project or two in the works.

I'm planning a Bricks and Cobblestones quilt to keep for my very own!

And for Project Linus, I have the bugs and flower-themed string quilt that has been in neglected for too long.

I love Martha's fleece hat patterns (more here) and have plans (and fleece) to make several for our local school district's hat and coat drive. I love the jester hat with pompoms and I think kids will too!

And gifts that aren't in jars will most likely be getting wrapped up in these adorable, reusable ribbon-tied bags. And they're so easy, just two fat quarters!

I will NOT be making my holiday cards this year because last year I totally burned my fingers to a deep char with the iron and glue gun making a bajillion cards for a cards swap! But I probably will be wrapping a few jars of homemade mixes for gifts and I love this cute look!

I make a cross-stitch ornament every year (the picture is of last year's) and Pip Stitch clued me in to a great resource for patterns for free! The Christmas Ornament Stitch-A-Long blog has tons of great patterns and pictures from those participating. I really like this tree but I also like this sheep (PDF). Maybe if I start early, I can do both!

And I have two lovely cats to make silhouettes for as a wedding present for my friend. I learned silhouette cutting from my mom who used to do it at our school fairs. Here's a really nifty tutorial for making silhouettes from photos, which is what I am doing with the cats.

And finally, I've been wanting some new earrings and when I have beads and wire sitting in my studio, I can't imagine paying for them at a store! I really like these hammered wire ones (PDF), I bet they're very swingy!


  1. I know a few people that could benefit from a turkey hat. :)

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  3. I love those slippers! I am totally buying that pattern...and I never buy crochet/knitting patterns. Thanks for sharing!