Sunday, August 26, 2007

A-Z of me

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R is for Reading

I read several blogs so today I thought I'd feature 5 of them.

Jenny C.-A blog I have been reading as long as I've been reading blogs. Jenny posts about her lovely yard sale finds, her garden and her wonderful pets. I could do without the posts about concerts but her project page makes up for it.

Amy-What a lovely person and she posts such lovely inspirational stuff, she's also the lady behind Club Little House.

Mimi Smartypants
-Quite possibly the only "mommy blog" I can tolerate.

Tracy-A newer blog to me, I am enjoying her food, cat and garden pictures! I love blogs with pictures. So I have included one in this post even though it is thoroughly unrelated to the content.

Cybele-I love getting the scoop on new products, especially tasty sweet products. So I read Candy Blog and it's cousin (written also by Cybele) Junk Food Blog.

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