Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Challenge

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Morning's Light and her pal Nicole challenged each other to complete three lingering projects by August 31. She extended the challenge to her readers. I was inspired and have taken up the challenge!

Challenge: August Clean Sweep {projects}

1-Finish my jean skirt that has been sitting on top of my craft shelves since last summer as a pair of jeans opened at the seams. Won't it be nice to have a new jean skirt just in time for fall?

2-Replace my ducks at work with something new. The ducks were fun but they've been there over a year and I need something new and fresh. *

3-Go through my closet and get rid of clothes that don't fit. I have TOO many clothes and so many of them are now too large and I'll never wear them. But I keep them around "in case I need a shirt to paint in" or "to wear to bed when it's chilly" but I have more than enough clothes that fit for those things! So out with the old! My closets are overflowing because I didn't follow the rule that when you buy an article of clothing you then have to give one up. I just kept piling them up!

* The story with the ducks (which you can see in the above picture): I have a ducky bathroom. So I kept my eye out at garage sales for ducks. And my mom kept her eye open too. My mom is a super-garage-saler so she would find BAGS of ducks and still has several for me each time we visit. So I had boxes of ducks in my basement, ducks that wouldn't fit in the bathroom. I took them to work, on a whim, and people either liked them and thought they were whimsical or hated them and thought they were tacky. I liked them but it's time to move on. Anyone have ideas? I'm thinking if I keep my eye open for cute 40's planters, I'll have enough by the end of August! You know, donkeys pulling carts, bunnies with flowers, pastel lambs.

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