Thursday, August 16, 2007

Garden 2007

This whole post was completely stolen, wait no, inspired by The Queen V. Her lovely garden shots mosaic compelled me to do the same with my own green yard. So I give you Garden 2007:

1. Back porch corgi, 2. Blue pumpkin, 3. larger gourd, 4. Zinnias and gourds, 5. tiny gourd, 6. The main garden., 7. Another ripening tomato!, 8. Zucchini attack!, 9. pink tomato!

The recent rain after NO RAIN for weeks finally made my tomatoes turn pink! I have had masses of tomatoes but they were all still green. Luckily a friend at work had been supplying me with my quota until mine decided it was finally time.

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  1. Love your garden! I hope you don't mind I'm adding you to blog so I can find my way back here.