Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good swap day!

When I got home, not one but two swap packages were waiting. First, my Vintage Kitchen Swap package! Oh my GOSH this package was bursting with stuff! I am so worried now and I hope Scrappy Jessi, my partner, isn't disappointed with her package when it arrives.

She did such a great job personalizing this package! She included Illinois items (a vintage plate and post card), corgi items (a card and a magnet), tins with brand icons on the and even some My Little Pony stickers!

The old Swan's Down cake pan is awesome, the cookbooks are right up my alley (vegetarian! cookies!) the handmade card is SO fantastic and everything else, I'm sure I'm forgetting some things because they is so much! Thank you!

The other package was from an adult-themed swap on swap-bot and I won't show you a picture but I got many choice adult items! Including this body spray from Victoria's Secret that makes your skin feel like silk! So nice!


  1. What a cool little club you belong to. It's nice to know there are people out there in the blogosphere who are friendly.

  2. Isn't it? I went through a period in college when it seemed like everyone on the internet was rude, completely impolite, out to get something and just all around not fun. I am SO glad I've found a great group of lovely ladies that aren't out to get something for themselves. (Oh, and in case you wanted to get in on the swapping action, all the groups I'm in are completely open and welcoming so feel free to join in!)

  3. HI I traveled to your site via scrappyjessi. When I was a kid we had a tri-color corgi."Dolly". My mom,brother and cousin all have corgis. They are so much fun. I would have one now, but my lab dog daughter likes being an only dog child lol

  4. Oh, that I completely understand. I don't know if Sully would tolerate another furry child in the family. He has some issues with other dogs so if I ever think about getting another corgi, I just think of how much of a pain it would be to find one he gets along with enough. We'd have to do numerous "interviews" to cast the role of little brother or sister. : )