Friday, August 3, 2007

A-Z of me

C is for Cel Phone.
As in, I do not own a cel phone. Neither does my husband, Mike. I can't imagine someone needing to talk to me so badly they can't leave me a message and wait for me to get to my home or work phone. I don't want to be instantly accessible. And I don't necessarily want the ability to instantly access anyone else anytime I want. I like my time in the car to be time in the car and my time at the bank to be time at the bank. Waiting in line at a restaurant can bring about interesting people-watching opportunity or maybe a creative streak will blossom while grocery shopping. But if you're on the phone, otherwise occupied, you could miss out. And for what? I bet 90% or more of cel phone conversations are mostly pointless, just time-fillers, wasted speech. I have never liked to talk on the phone at all, so that might be filtering into my thoughts on cel phones. I prefer in person or written communication. The phone is awkward to me, disconnected and uncomfortable. My husband and I started out in a long distance relationship and we spent some time on the phone but I never really developed a fondness for it.

This week, I have been fighting off a bug that is going around the office. I'm not sick, but I feel very weak and tired. I thought it might be an iron issue but supplements haven't cleared up the lightheaded, cloudy feeling so I think it's the office illness. I missed my last swim lesson because I couldn't get up the strength to change into my bathing suit, let alone swim several laps last night. So this weekend will be a recuperating weekend, full of fluids, pajamas all day and movies with the husband.

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  1. Oh dear, get better soon.

    I don't like phones either.
    We have no home-phone at all anymore.

    The cellphone is switched on when I have time to receive calls.
    I never use the spoken messages service.

    People can always mail me, or call men at a certain time.