Monday, August 27, 2007


So Sarah of Craft n Clutter (typed and, had to go back and erase a and d) posted To Do as her T word in the A-Z of Me Meme. Not To Do as in a grand To Do like a big show. No, no, To Do as in To Do list! Now, I have found remarkable similarities between Sarah and I starting with we both live in Illinois and ending God knows where. But inspired by her listful post, I give you a portion of the lists that are crammed inside my day planner right now.

Above is my general To-Do list that lives paper clipped to the outside of the dayplanner. It is not very pretty because it continually gets things crossed off and then it gets rewritten.

This one is my list of swaps I need to get things ready for.

This is my brainstorming list for the swap I will be hosting on Create a Connection next month. Those of you reading closely will get an early scoop on both the timeline and the theme!

And this one is my brainstorming list for the sandwich swap I am hosting at work next week. It is based on the one held in Brooklyn. Nice coworker that I am, I have blanked out the last names of participants. And if you work with me, you will notice a scoop on what I am bringing!

I was mildy tense while scanning these because sometimes I tend to leave things in the scanner after I'm done scanning and the thought of leaving a list at home where I wouldn't be able to see it or add to it makes me a little jumpy. Also, I am a little glad my main list doesn't include things like "brush teeth", "shower" or "eat only whole grains" which it sometimes does but know that if it had, I would totally have scanned it in all its crazy glory for everyone to see.

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  1. My lists are usually incredibly messy as well. I just happened to pick an extremely clean one as an example of a normal day-to-day To Do because it was so old. I'm pretty sure the giant x thru it meant that I was too lazy to any of the things that day. :)