Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A-Z of me

L is for Laundry

There has been a recent duty change here in our house. I used to do the laundry and Mike folded it. But he was not satisfied with the way I was doing the dishes so he traded me folding the laundry for doing the dishes. It's too early to tell how well this arrangement is working out but the dishes are getting done more regularly. But I still haven't folded Sunday's laundry. Does this mean I'm lazy? I am just not a regular housekeeping kind of girl. I get in fits where I super-clean, which works for things like bathrooms or basements where you can super-clean them every once in a while and you're pretty much ok. (I think some of you just threw up a little in your mouth. What can I say, I'm not a spic and span kind of person. Clean enough is clean by me.) But dishes, laundry, taking the garbage out, these things need to be done without fail every week.

Funny I don't have trouble cleaning the catbox though. Or brushing the dog's teeth. These get done frequently and without delay. I suppose the comfort of my pets comes above my own cleanliness in my mind.

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