Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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So, I am frugal tending toward cheap. I don't usually buy many convenience foods like meals in a box or pre-chopped veggies. Have you seen the Betty Crocker Cupcake Mix at the stores?! It's just cake mix, but it only makes 12 instead of 24 like a normal box cake mix! Why would you buy that!?

Anyway, one thing I do buy (besides prewashed lettuce which is just too practical NOT to buy) are these washed, shrink wrapped potatoes. They are called PotatOhs! Now, I wouldn't buy them if I were needing make a ton of baked potatoes for a family dinner. But I'm usually the only one eating a baked potato at night for dinner and these really keep MUCH longer than average potatoes AND they taste WAY better beacause you cook them IN the plastic. They stay so moist and bake so evenly in the microwave! Now I could probably wash and wrap a normal potato in plastic wrap, right? Doesn't work the same, I've tried it. These are far superior and that is why I splurge. When they're on sale. 10 for $10.


  1. Interesting -- I usually just put them in the microwave after pricking them with a fork so that they don't explode

  2. Oh, I know, that's what I do when I don't have these but I tell ya, these are ten times better! So moist! Sometimes the skins dry out or the insides get sort of mealy with a plain potato, not with these. But they are definitely not a necessity.