Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A-Z of me

G is for Garage Sales

My mom is a super-garage-saler! She has in her head memorized a list of things that she needs/wants and anyone she knows needs/wants and can keep an eye out for each and every item every mentioned to her. I believe I've mentioned this before in regards to the rubber duck collection. So, word to the wise, don't tell my mom you need/want/like something unless you want several! Luckily I am a collector so I love the extra set of eyes checking every garage sale for me!

I am not such a good garage-saler. I'm a looky-loo. But I often pass over things that I've expressly said I need or want. I gravitate toward the toy bins, I think out of habit since I've been garage-saling since I was wee. So in an effort to keep myself on task, I keep a list of things to look for and I read it before I go to try and remind myself.

The list changes but right it now looks like this:
Cute socks and or baby clothes to make sock dogs out of
Boxes to mail things off in
Kids books to make greetings cards with (I cut the pictures out)
Dog supplies (new in package to offer to the Corgi-Aid auction)
Vintage cookbook-vegetable themed to house my fruit/vegetable sticker collection
Cookie/dessert cookbooks for my swap pal
Copper/tin molds for my swap pal
My little ponies/other 80's toys to sell on ebay ( a terrible habit of mine is picking these up but then never putting them up on ebay)
Small paint brushes
Craft supplies (yarn, felt, glitter, vintage chenille stems, patterns)

Of course, I usually end up with about 90% things that aren't on the list at all. :)


  1. Oh I love garage sales! I haven't gone in years, though. I always bring home WAY more than I should and nothing that I really need. lol

  2. Just found your blog through Bella Dia & love it! My mom is the same way with garage sales and thrift stores. If you mention something once, she will start a collection for you. I always say, "I dont collect these, my mom collects them for me!"

  3. Hi, Jenna! Sorry so slow making it over to see you blog after seeing your SwapDex...You have a great place started here, and I look forward to visiting again. Such fun reading your lists...and your Corgi--super sweetie! Happy Days! :o)