Saturday, August 4, 2007

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Doll swap!!!
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D is for Dolls
I never liked dolls as a child. And my mother could not have been more disappointed. She loves dolls, baby dolls, toddler dolls, all sorts of dolls. But not me. I would occasionally dress up my Kermit the Frog puppet and did force myself to dabble in doll-clothes-making for my miniature horse hobby (miniature horses need miniature riders in appropriate showring attire) but I can honestly say I never played baby doll like most little girls do. If I did ever "play" with dolls, it was more of a companion relationship, choosing outfits and accessories, pretending to go on adventures.

These dolls are Fisher Price My Friend Jenny dolls. One is from my childhood, one I got on ebay along with LOTS of patterns for clothes for her. Now that I'm an adult, I play with dolls. Ok, I don't play with them. I make clothes for them. They're like little canvases for clothing design and millinery, SO much faster and simpler than making clothes for myself! I can make them whole new outfits in an evening. Change them for the seasons, holidays, on a whim! They have a vintage fridge and sink. They're the perfect size to make cute little polymer clay food for, too. And I'm sure it warms my mom's heart to see me dressing up my dolls!


  1. Very cute! I was very much not a doll girl either growing up. And I wrote about what turned me on my first 'Encyclopedia of Me" day.

    Do you show your doll creations anywhere? I keep thinking it would be fun to make clothes for mine, but since I'm pretty novice at sewing, I'm kinda apprehensive.

    Oh, and I live in central IL, too…I wasn't sure if there were any crafty bloggers around.

  2. I post my dolly clothes on my flickr, that's about it. If you are near Champaign, we have a craft club that gets together. We could make an outfit together!