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Friday was National Thrift Shopping Day. While I didn't know that until after our trip how timely it was, we did a little thrift shopping on Saturday at the Illinois Antique Center. For some, an antique mall would not be considered thrift shopping but I don't buy antiques like expensive glassware or old lanterns (those babies are neat but expensive!), I buy cheap old cookbooks and buttons and things like that. Things that I can use and be creative with. I got a salads cookbook to alter and use as a scrapbook for my fruit and veg sticker collection! For $1. I got a neat old map of Illinois with historic places illustrated on it. The colors are so vibrant, I think it will look wonderful framed, if I ever get around to it.

Mike and I found some salt and pepper shakers for our collection! They are the smaller two on the left. Their bodies are just about the same size as the others, but their heads are MUCH smaller.

After shopping, we headed across the street to the Tavern on the Water for lunch. We had
tempura battered onion rings (tasty)
Tuscan fries with truffle oil (kind of bland but fresh-tasting)
Wonton wrapper mozzarella (not crunchy at all and bland).

Mike has a Caesar salad (very good)
I had a house salad (which came mistakenly as a chef salad) and a bowl of the cream of mushroom with thyme soup (interesting).

What was so interesting about a soup that I could have used as the basis of a tater tot casserole? When I was served, a shallow bowl was placed in front of me containing only a small pile of mushrooms at its center. I was a little confused. I tipped the bowl to see if there actually was soup there (there wasn't), looked at the waitress quizzically and asked if there was soup. A green bottle was produced and she proceeded to pour the soup out around the little pile in a grand soup presentation. Would Gorden Ramsey have stood for that? I don't think so. The soup was acceptable and very thymey, so I'll let them get away with it.

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