Sunday, August 12, 2007

Update on the Clean Sweep Challenge

It's almost half way through August so it's time for an update on the Challenge Sunny put forth.

1-Jean skirt- The jean skirt of a tale of learning. Plus-sized jeans do not work well for creating a jean skirt a la these instructions. I don't want to be crude but there's just too much fabric in the crotch area or maybe the legs aren't straight enough since there's more "ease" in the tummy/butt areas. When I tried to flatten out the opened seams, they created hideous bumps of fabric jutting out in JUST the wrong places. So live and learn, this in one less project on my to-do list now but I will be using my Old Navy gift card to buy a fall jean skirt. It will fit properly and not make it look like I have both man parts poking out the front and a tail poking out the back.

2-Changing out the ducks at work. This is right on schedule! I have brought home half the ducks in preparation to take another of my collections in. I collect Z's. Wooden Z's, ceramic Z's, magnetic Z's. I find them and make them (you can get all sorts of unfinished wooden letters at craft stores). I think this collection is a bit more toned-down and up-scale than the ducks. But some people have already expressed sadness at the loss of the ducks. They feel they are a sort of anti-establishment art installation since our office is decorated so nicely and some of the people in charge find the ducks tacky and wish they would fly away. I don't really care what other people think-the ducks made me smile but I have seen them one too many days and now they are dusty and make me a little claustrophobic. So out they go and in go the Z's! I think sometime this week will be the big switch!

3-Get rid of clothes that don't fit. Haven't started in on this one, but I do have a small bag gathered up just from everyday trying things on and finding they don't fit. I need to go through my winter stuff (not looking forward to that) and also my t-shirts because a t-shirt that is too big is just not flattering and makes me feel twice as fat as I ever was at my fattest. I talk a lot about weight, don't I? Well, I don't spend a lot of my day worrying about it, that's for sure. So don't start thinking I'm some sort of Weight Watchers fanatic or calorie counter. Today I skipped the gym so I didn't mess up my rag curls, ate half a marble pound cake at lunch while watching a movie and am not worried one bit!


  1. great progress!

    I am not doing as well as you are but I a committing this week to getting a lot done!

    I like that you're not worried about the fact you skipped the gym. I have been trying "restriction free" life for a couple weeks (should call it a "guilt free" life..) but I am working out now (going for long walks, etc.) because I want to move my body because it makes me feel better. tonight is a trip to the gym and I'm actually looking forward to it.

    (my body must like the lack of guilt because I managed to lose a few pounds while eating less - fewer cravings with less stress)

    anyway - CONGRATS on the progress!!

  2. Thanks! I love to exercise too! But just because I missed the gym I wasn't going let myself be guilted into not enjoying my day. Guilt free is good! It lets you enjoy your life and I think makes you actually more prone to do the right thing because when you remove guilt, you find LOTS of other reasons (good ones) to do what's good for you. I don't exercise to loose weight (any more), I do it because it wakes my body up and makes me feel alive!