Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nails in the walls

Now that we own our own house, I feel the pull to explode my crafty and creative side all OVER it! This weekend, I've been adding some more wall art including these four paintings I finished months ago for the living room but hadn't gotten around to hanging. These are above the dining table now and I like them much better hanging than sitting on the floor!

I found this lovely owl cut paper art this morning at a garage sale for ten cents! I put it in this frame that had been hanging around, waiting for something to put in it and now it's brightening the hallway.

I also found this expanding peg rack, something I'd been keeping an eye out for to put in my craft room! Now it's waiting to be filled with all sorts of fun creations!

I have a really cute yarn painting I got at a garage sale a while ago that I just can't find the wall space for! Need to rearrange! (You can see it even still has the price tag on it.)

When we moved in, we painted just about every room, and not limp beige or eggshell. Ok, so the living room is a bit of a beige (Bagel, actually) but we paired it with a rich brown! The bedroom is Halcyon Green, Mike's office is smoky blue and my studio in Afternoon.

After all that painting, I was done for a while. It's been a couple of months (We've lived here 6 months now!) and I think I can paint again. I've chosen a small project, the bulkhead in the kitchen. Right now, it's a bland tan color. Putty? Dried mud? Whatever it is, it doesn't inspire me!

So, I'm thinking green since I have a lot of retro green dishware/bread box/appliances. These two are top picks, I'm looking for a green with a lot of yellow.


  1. Great finds! Your blog name always makes me smile when I see it in my Reader!

  2. When I see something like that papercut at a sale, I have a hard time not asking the people "Why would you get rid of something this cool?" As for the yarn painting, they look like the kittens from Disney's Aristocats.

  3. Hey! Your adirondack chairs are featured on Craftzine! Congrats!

  4. Great colors! I painted my kitchen that sort of color green as well! Isn't it just lovely? I like both those colors as they appear on my monitor, but you really have to see them on the wall to make the final choice. I had my heart set on one color and then I saw it on the wall and picked a totally different one. Hehe.