Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chicken Scratch Pattern #3

This one has GOT to be one of my favorites! I love snowflakes, I decorate extensively with them at holiday time (I don't like Santa or religious themes so snowflakes and snowmen it is!) Scatter it about on a pillow? Make some potholders as a gift with a snowflake centered on each one? Of course, it would look lovely on an apron! What wouldn't?
This pattern is for your own personal use only.

For something else that would make a lovely gift for those who enjoy their time in the kitchen, check out the Make-Do Mercantile! Like how I can work that in just about anywhere?

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  1. Hello - thanks for the freebie chicken scratch patterns. I saw in your Etsy shop that you have a little mail club that's all sold out. Do you have a mailing list for it? I love things like that. Cheers, Sarah