Friday, August 22, 2008

Chicken Scratch Pattern #6

Good morning! I am under the wire to get my Vintage Apron Swap Apron done! My very gracious partner has said don't worry, no problem, take your time, it's all good! But if I, keeper of the SwapDex and type A personality extraordinaire, don't get my package out in time I think I may be forced down into a swap-shame spiral! So this is a public warning to my butt to get it in gear! Butt, it must be done before you are allowed to go to the giant garage sale tomorrow with your lovely mother!

And now! On to this morning's pattern! This cute little flower could easily adorn a pocket (on an apron, what else?), the corner of a napkin or string them together and form a flowery border.This pattern is for your personal use only. And if you're just joining us, please see the first post for some background info on chicken scratch and be sure and visit my Brand Spanking New Etsy store, the reason I'm posting these patterns.

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