Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winner, winner, tofu dinner!

MySpace Congratulations Comments

I got a record amount of comments, 90 in all! Thanks so much everyone for commenting and entering the contest! Drawn the old-fashioned way, using real paper ballots, the winner is:

5acre Designs

Here is her comment:
"I would love the Pillowcase Pinnie pattern. I like the retro apron look and would love to make one for myself. Very cute! Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!"

A lot of commenters mentioned that the Pillowcase Pinnie has a retro vibe or that it reminds them of their mom/grandma. Which is wonderful and definitely an inspiration I drew from as I remember my mom wearing lovely cobbler style aprons during noodle-making season! See her noodle recipe here.


  1. This made me laugh so hard I chocked on my tea. Then I thought of your header which never fails to make me smile.

    Congratulations to 5acre Designs!

  2. you know what noodles are!! not many people do where i'm at but they are a family tradition!

    p.s. had to click over as i have 2 corgis