Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lovely knitting paraphernalia

This post is LONG overdue. Quite a while ago, I won an online giveaway at Darcy's Knotty Knitter. I won the most gorgeous Leslie Wind shawl pin which I use on my shawl at work when it gets unbearably cold in the library and the most amazing thing, a cable needle necklace! During our trip to Ohio, I was working on a cable item for the county fair. I was using whatever I had handy (the handle of a crochet hook) as a cable needle and as we were driving, it kept falling under my car seat! This was SO frustrating! I cannot tell you how many times I sighed and flailed my hand around searching for it under there. Even a regular cable needle could get lost easily but the cable needle necklace is amazing! If only I had known about them before our trip!
This is a picture of a recent project, a cable hat. I love that the with the cable needle around my neck, it's is always right where I need it. I don't have to carry around a bag of knitting accessories or sit in one place where my tools are. And when you work the stitches off of it, you can just let it fall where it wants, it will be ready and waiting the next time you need it! It is awesome! This would make a very sophisticated and useful gift for a knitter. She will even engrave a message on the back for you.


  1. What a wonderful testimonial:)also I will be putting up a post to win a sterling silver heart bracelet and a yarn needle that means 2 winners will be drawn.To enter this giveaway I will have a special favor to ask donate to helping a little boy in need.I will be posting Saturday on my blog so be on the look out:)Hugs Darcy

  2. interesting! i'm not a knitter but my mil and sil are. what exactly does this cable needle necklace thing do??? i've never seen them use anything like this.... and sil has a bday in march....