Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book Cover Postcards

Old Reader's Digest Compilations have some wonderful, subdued colors and lovely wallpaper-looking patterns. I used some to create some postcards and thought I'd share it since it's so simple.

Remove the book's cover at the spine with an exact-o knife.

I created a simple document with corner decorations and a line down the center. Use images of old postcard backs for inspiration. Print these out and cut them to fit the book covers.
Here it is, the .png fle of the back for your use in creating postcards. It's pretty simple but I hope you enjoy! (Don't forget to click on the image for a larger version.)

A great place to find some lovely, vintage-looking goodies to add to your back is Briar Press, which I found via Design Freebies.

Adhere your printed backs to the inside surface of the cover with gluestick or scrapbook adhesive.

I didn't mind the raw edge (it gives it a bit of a vintage book shop/estate sale feel) but if you'd rather have a finished look, glue a length of coordinating ribbon along the edge.

Grab a cup of tea and you're ready for a little sit and sip. Write a little note to a friend, the perfect evening activity this winter!


  1. Oh, those are beautiful! I'd never have thought of that! Love them!

  2. What a great idea, I love it! I know exactly what books you're talking about. I have some in my craft room right now because the flaps were so beautiful. Thanks for the fun idea, I'll be linking!

  3. what a great idea! thanks for stopping by my blog today =)

  4. You're very creative :) Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  5. Just found your blog through Tip Junkie. Love it! Love the Obama cherries! Gonna subscribe now!