Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabric Binge

A few months ago (well, when the after Christmas sale emails started flooding in) I went on a bit of a fabric binge. I just couldn't resist the great prices!! I bought quite a bit at eQuilter and some oilcloth from Mendels. My apologies that some of them are wrinkly, I didn't feel like ironing until later. Yes, I pre-wash and iron all my fabric. I know that's kind of a sticky subject for some people (especially quilters) but it's years of home ec lessons I can't shake.These two are destined to become skirts for next fall. I just LOVE the veggie print, won't it make a fun skirt?!
Next we have some halloween fabric (Halloween apron, I'm thinking), some Katy Jump Rope prints I will work into my scrappy log cabin quilt and really cute Schol Day Fun which I think will make an adorable centers for quilt blocks, such lovely muted colors.
These are Christmas fabrics I bought to restore my holiday stash. I made a lot of reusable gift bags this year and nearly ran out of red and green! The ornament print is also going to be the back of my wall hanging made with the blocks from a swap I was in for ornament pieced blocks.
And here is my bargain of all bargains. I got this Pampered Pooch quilt kit on ebay for a song! It has everything you need to make the 64" x 64" quilt top, including two jelly rolls, fabric for all the borders and extra for placemats. I have always loved this fabric line, it combines two things I love: dogs and retro prints! And here is what I have completed so far. I know, not much but I'm working on it at my leisure!

And while I was taking pictures around the craft room, I thought I'd take a picture of the bulletin board with all of Sully's ribbons. Now that we are in more advanced classes in our shows, we don't get quite as many blue ribbons as we used to in the easier classes that we aced frequently, but Sully still manages once in a while to win himself a ribbon and a toy


  1. I think that I have died and gone to fabric heaven!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been on a Fabric Binge lately too. Now I just need to start using it all.

  3. I love all that fabric, especially the dog stuff.

  4. Love the doggy fabrics. And congrats Sully on all the ribbons. I think I'm going to make Viva, my corgi-mix a blue ribbon. :P

  5. Hello! I'm from over on swap-bot. I love your blog! The title is so adorable. I'm about to start working on a nine-patch quilt like the one you have pictured.

    P.S. Your dog's name brings back fun memories of watching Sully on Dr. Quinn :)

  6. Hi!
    Nice fabrics... Love your blog on fabrics.

    I'm from Gain Exposure Of your Blog from Swap-Bot.

    Gonna rate you soon. :)

  7. What great fabric finds. I especially like the pampered pooch fabric!

  8. I know why you love that very first one pictured- it is the exact same color scheme as your blog header! I feel like you almost picked them to match the blog :)

    Enjoy your new stash!