Monday, September 1, 2008

Yo-yo tutorial

I have posted a new tutorial on Instructables for quilting with yo-yos. If you've ever wanted to make yo-yos but never quite understood how to make them or attach them to each other, check it out! I have entered it in the Craft Skills contest so if you're an Instructables member, I'd really appreciate your rating and, later on in the process, your vote.


  1. ARGH! LOVE the pants in the banner! Thanks so much for letting me know. Cute animal-related stuff TOTALLY makes my day. I just got back from getting a cup of chai and as I walked back to my house I passed a neighbor's house with a year-round nativity scene. Guess what was curled up in the manger? TWO CATS! It's been a great animal day!

  2. h, and I will check out your Instructable too!

  3. Oh I love yo yos! I just recently finished a pillow and posted it on my blog last week.

    I am currently making a banner for halloween and a table runner for Christmas out of yo yos