Saturday, September 20, 2008

Laundry day diversion

Saturday is laundry day around here and I'm at the computer, occupying myself. This week, I made a peach pie! Can you see the corgi decoration?

Sadly, the sugar ants got to it over night (I thought the plastic wrap was tight enough!). Darn ants. I am in the process of getting rid of them by poisoning them (I know, I feel bad but I can't have ants in everything!) and then I will caulk up the window sill where they are getting in. Gross! Enough of that topic!

The cat was being silly the other night, doesn't his belly look cute enough to tickle?

But don't try it! Red is honestly the meanest cat I've ever known. We've had feral barn cats, scaredy cats, aloof cats that weren't terribly friendly. But he's not just touchy or unfriendly, he is downright mean at times, going after your ankles and arms when he can get to them and biting down HARD. He'll sit on your lap when he wants, but don't move your leg or pet him the wrong way or he'll give you what-for! All that being said, I do love him, he's got great character and he's actually very gentle with the dog, who wants nothing more in the world that to curl up with him and be best pals. Poor Sully.


  1. I see the Corgi on the pie -- how did you do that? With a cookie cutter? I'm sorry to hear the ants got to it and I'm glad you're poisoning them.

  2. Love how the bama blog-bling looks on your blog!

    Your pie looks so yum. Had to stop myself from licking my monitor!

  3. OK Jenna, that pie is too cute to eat. What a clever idea. -C ^..^