Monday, September 22, 2008

Tagged and Awarded

Quirky was nice enough to tag me over at SwapDex and I hope she doesn't mind me posting my response here. (I like to keep the SwapDex mainly "business" if you can call swaps business.) I chose my random things by choosing 5 random photos!

1-In the past, I was quite involved in the model horse hobby. What's the model horse hobby? It's making tiny tack and props for model horses like Breyers. It's an extension of my interest in miniatures and isn't every girl obsessed with horses? I actually competed and won at the national level and the best part is, I made EVERYthing mysels, unlike most competitors at that level who buy $1000 saddle sets and invest in several of each model so they can pick the one with the best paint job. My horses are now in boxes in my closet.

2- I need a haircut! This is a picture of me when my hair looked nice, about 3 haircuts ago, before my wonderful stylist left town forever. I just can't find another that agrees with me!! I will not be showing you a picture of my hair now, we'll just say it's in a ponytail. This picture also serves as my contribution to Randi's suggestion for blogger to show themselves. I'm usually not terribly shy about posting photos so you only get one in this post. I'll have a couple more after the dog show this weekend!

3- I dress Sully in crazy outfits but only because his grandma makes them! This is one of his birthday outfits from last year. If I had a girl dog, I would probably dress her up WAY more often.

4- Before the dog and the cat, we had guinea pigs. And I still find myself wishing we could get another one or two. I love the noises they make and their little soft lips! This is Skippy, our second guinea pig, who was always VERY spastic and a bit of a nipper.

5- Wow, I'm at 5 already? I guess I had more than 5 pictures picked out. Oh well. My grandma's family lived in Canada. This is a picture of her riding a hog on their farm in Canada.

And Wendi of The Freebie Blogger awarded me the Brillante Weblog Award. They're like Emmys, right? I can just pretend I'm Tina Fey and line them up on my blog mantel? Ok! Thanks to both ladies for validating my blogging!


  1. Hi! I clicked over from Randi's site... nice to meet you!

    I just have to say that I love the photo of your work table. It looks super tidy compared to mine! And I am drooling over that 80's stationery in your Etsy shop!

  2. Finding a good hair person is so hard. Always very sad when the one you like moves away (or you move from them).

  3. Awww, Sully looks so cute all dressed up. What is he going to be for Halloween? :D

  4. How cute you are! I love the name of your blog--too fun!

    your dog looks rather cooperative in those clothes. Ours would go nuts if we tried that!

  5. I love the name of your blog, too! Nice to "meet" you....and your incredibly cute Corgi's!

  6. Cute photo! I love your glasses--very erudite!


  7. cute photos....but Sully doesn't look too happy with his outfit. Mojo would probably die of shame. Well, maybe not, after all, I DID SHAVE HIM this summer and he managed to survive that. Naked Mo rat and all........