Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Curmudgeonly goodness

Inspired by my pal Drewzel, who was inspired by other truly classy blogger, I am posting a list of things that really cheese me off. Feel free to follow suit as this is one of the more awesome memes I've seen. :)

1. Moms who complain about being moms. I don't want to get to anatomical here but no one FORCED you to preform the act that produced your offspring. You CHOSE to, and in that choice you accepted the consequences. Don't bitch about it everyday like it was something thrust upon you like some horrible cross to bear!

2. People on celphones. I don't have a celphone. I hope I am never ever required to get a cel phone for work. Your conversation is not so important that it could not wait an hour or two for your alone at home time. That push-to-talk beep-beep noise really gets me going! I will snap your cel phone in half! Slow your life down just a skosche.

3. When the cover photo of a magazine (Woman's Day, I'm looking at you!) is a lovely dessert and you turn to the recipe page and it says 1 box yellow cake mix, 1 container chocolate buttercream frosting, prepare as package directs. That is NOT a recipe! Maybe for a quick cooking article, but for the cover photo, please get a little creative and give us a real recipe!!

4. Salespeople. I know your deal, you earn commission. Just give me your card when I walk in and I will call on you if I need anything while I'm in the store. But don't get offended if I don't keep coming back and asking for you, especially if you didn't do anything for me the first time. You need to earn my loyalty, not just expect it. And if you keep bothering me, I certainly will NOT call on you to help me, I will mysteriously forget your name and ask for someone else!

5. Proselytizing. The arrogance!

6. Hidden meat ingredients in packaged foods. As if the tiny amount of chicken fat in Stovetop stuffing mix makes that much flavor difference. Just leave it out!

7. Weddings! I hate weddings, I should have made this number 1! What a waste of money, and the ridiculous time and energy people spend one this, just ONE DAY of their lives. If they spent that much time and energy on every other day of their married lives there would be a sharp cut in the number of divorces.

8. Puppy mills and pet shops that sell puppies. We recently had a puppy store open up in our town and it is disheartening to see the numbers of puppies they sell and the number of people in our community that are completely oblivious to the fact that these puppies came from what are basically farms that produce dogs instead of cattle or chickens. Disgusting.

9. Trash. Not in a save-the-earth, eco-friendly sort of way, I just hate seeing it. Especially when it's the little things like tissues and candy wrappers that pile up on the coffee table while I'm not looking. It's a never ending job to pick up trash!

10. Here's one from Sully-Road Salt. Boy does that stuff sting! It makes me all hobbly and mom called me hop-a-long, but then she wipes off my paws so I can walk again. And I have to get my paws waxed before our walks to try and repel it, and I don't really like the wax, it's kind of annoying and sticky.

11. People who are consistently late/no show/do not fulfill commitments. The world runs smoothly when people just do what they say they will and what they are supposed to do. It grinds to a halt when people are late and that really annoys me!

12. Mainstream chain restaurants with no vegetarian option. You may be a seafood place or a steak place but you will have, at some point, a vegetarian person who is forced to eat at you and could you please just offer an entre-sized salad that does not have 4 pounds of meat on it? Or even a quick pasta dish without shrimp or chicken? I don't care if it's frozen and 5 months old, just keep something on hand for those occasions!

13. People who only participate in things for the ribbons/recognition. Mainly this pertains to dog show people, but also 4-H kids and people who volunteer only to get noticed. I'm not saying I don't like winning, it makes your hard work really worth it, but I also just like competing and trying my hardest and the whole process of training and preparing and competing. Meeting new people, trying new things. I'm not out there to make some sort of name for myself in the dog show world, I'm just out there to have something to do with my dog and be proud of ourselves!

I'm stopping at 13 because I was born on the 13th (of March, which is coming up here soon!) and because I need to get some work done! Do you agree with any of these? Do you hate me now? Please dish!


  1. I love your curmudgeonly goodness! I agree on many things. I was in the doctor's office yesterday when a man announced to several colleagues in a booming voice that he would not be returning to work because his wife was getting a colonoscopy and he was waiting with her. Niiiiice. As for the mom thing, my big thing is stay at home moms who complain about being stay at home moms then criticize other moms for NOT staying home.

  2. Oh man! I might have to do one of these myself. What a great idea! Hehe. I didn't know that it was called proselytizing before now, but I definitely hate it too!

    Oh, I don't know if you read my non-dog blog, but I just joined ravelry! I already added you as a friend. :)

  3. Oh man, I am with you on #6 and #12 in particular! Items I've bought without reading because they *must* be meat free include: frozen fettuccine alfredo and Tuscan vegetables in tomato sauce. Those jerks!

  4. Great post! I agree with just about all of them. Except for #11. Im always late, always have been, and I swear I cant help it. Its a trait I inherited from my mom at birth and theres no reversing it. I do stick to my committments though. If I say I'll be there, I'll be there..about 10 minutes late! I also hate weddings which explains why Ive been engaged for 4 years!

  5. wow! thanks for saying all of that. I agree with you on a lot of it!

    I own a cell phone but try to remain subtle about it..usually I use the phone when I'm in my car and have arrived at my destination.

    but if I'm running late (yes..I'm one of THOSE people)...I'm not on the phone for long--just long enough to say I'm running late.

    All of that does not respect the person I'm I've tried to cut back on commitments to the ones I love to do...and then I'm happy to be early to those. When life gets overwhelming (when I make it so by overcommitting myself)...then I respond by dragging my feet and arriving late. Inexcusable, I know!

    I'm just glad you aired what you were thinking. It's a bit freeing, don't you think?

  6. I have to say that #3 really hits home to me. A few years ago I was excited to get invited to a gourmet cooking party (Pampered Chef, or something like that) and I was shocked to learn that none of the recipes they were making from their "gourmet" cookbook in their expensive cookware and utensils seemed like real food. Hint: if one of the main ingredients to your recipe is cool whip it is not a real food. I thought how ironic it was that people who were spending so much money to buy cookware and accessories were also buying a cookbook that seemed to me like it had been formulated so that 8 year olds could make the recipes without assistance.

    I do have one bit of advice: get a cell phone for your own convenience, but turn it off if you don't want to be bothered. You will love it!

    Trish G.