Friday, February 1, 2008


Successful closing on Tuesday leads to frenzied packing, driving and unpacking! This is moving weekend! And we are knee deep in a blizzard! I'm sorry, not a blizzard, a winter storm! We know how to pick 'em. We have most of the boxes and small things moved, now just the stragglers and the large furniture. We have to be out of this house by Saturday afternoon so that our subletters can move in! It will all get done because it has to get done. I expect to be full engrossed in unpacking Saturday night. First item to unpack: cocoa packets!!


  1. Moving in a snow storm, I bet thats fun. I have such a love hate thing with moving. The packing and physically moving is so exhausting, but the unpacking, decorating, and eating your first meal (or sipping hot chocolate) and snuggling into a new house is so exciting. Good luck!

  2. Moving is BRUTAL, moreso, I imagine if you have to slog through slush to do it. I still have not unpacked boxes from my move three years ago.