Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apronful post!

This is one post chock full of apron content! I finished this apron tonight. It's is from the Susan Branch pattern you can find free here!

I think the pattern is really simple but there is a ton of small seam binding and I'm not too fond of that stuff, especially trying to catch both layers of fabric while sewing in on! But the apron is really fun and really flattering for fuller figures!

In other apron news, I got my Valentine's mini aprons swap package! This was a swap held on the Mary Jane's Farm forum. All those little aprons, so cute!!

And in non-apron news, today's project besides the apron was to recover my garage sale find vintage Cosco step stool chair. It had yucky dark green vinyl that was ripped and taped back together. Is this fabric vintage or anywhere near the original? No. But it sure does go with my new laundry room color scheme!


  1. I love aprons. The one you made is really cute.

  2. We had that stepstool when I was growing up - I loved that thing! The vinyl on ours was actually similar to your pattern, but it was shiny white on white - a much different and less pretty idea than this!