Monday, November 10, 2008


Pam, of the awesome Pass It On Plates and her blog, tagged me.

So, I'm supposed to share 7 things (7!) that you didn't already know about me. I can guarantee at least some of you knew at least some of these things already but maybe you'll find a couple that are interesting new facts.

I may appear relatively "in the know" about technology. I can use a computer, I have to know HTML for work, I can handle a multi-line phone. But I am actually very terrible at anything with buttons. Mike takes care of the Tivo/DVD/etc. and I basically just watch whatever he puts on. Good thing we like a lot of the same shows! A friend from high school finally convinced me to get on MySpace so if anyone wants to be friends, that'd be cool. And the one people can't believe when I tell them, I don't have a cel phone.

I played the glockenspiel in school band. I quit because the instructor also made me learn snare, bass and tympani drums. Damn it, woman, I just wanted to play my tinkles!

I can never remember the titles of movies. You can talk and talk about movies and unless you go into the plot of each one, I will have no idea what movies you're talking about. I remember the movies, it's not that I don't remember what happened. I just don't retain their titles.

I have sort of a thing for socks, especially knee highs. I just spoiled myself at Sock Dreams, including these delicious thigh high striped ones.

I LOVE reading in the evenings. But our living room furniture is more for tv watching and chatting than for reading. So I just put a recliner in my craft room. I'm creating a reading nook. I'll be adding a nice lamp on my bookcase and a magazine rack nearby.

What am I reading right now? Why, a Little House on the Prairie book, of course! The Long Winter. And the latest issue of Quilts and More!

I wear no makeup. None. This weekend I went to a Pampered Chef party and wanted to look a little more "weekend" since it was hosted by a coworker so I put on Burt's Bees tinted lip gloss. I think that doesn't even count, though.


  1. Oh Jenna, I just love that you are reading LHOP. xo Cat ^..^

  2. I WISH I could be a no makeup girl! And I like socks too. I have some funny striped socks that I fancy also. =)

    I'm actually here on a business =) Just popping in to give reminders about signing up at before December 1st. I sent out an email but I don't know that I have everyone's email addresses so there's an announcement posted on our FFM blog if you haven't seen it. I'm so hoping that you'll continue with us!! Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings... Polly

  3. Cool blog, I got your block in the mail today. It is beautiful, thank you. I posted it on my blog at
    Thank you again.