Monday, November 3, 2008

The last of the Halloween pictures

At work, we take Halloween seriously! Yes, we do a holiday party around Christmas time, but Halloween is the REAL party! The library is host to a trick-or-treat party for parents and kids, complete with goody bags, apple cider, and picture-taking station. Then the kids go around to everyone's offices to fill their bags with even more candy!

And I am right at the epicenter as my office is IN the library! That also means I get to help decorate, which is tons of fun (and tons of work). My friend Jay created this creepy monster bookcase. I decided to create a few new projects this year. This is my spooky jar display. Some of the jars include: egg capsules and their resultant mucous (fake plastic grapes in green water), sample taken from lycanthrope den (the contents of my vacuum cleaner after doing the living room) and maggots of flesh eating flies (plastic stuffing pellets suspended between oil and red water).

This big plastic bag spider was also new. He's stuffed with crumpled newspapers, which we always have TONS of at the end of each week when we recycle the old newspapers.

This week is always festive at work and people wear their costumes on Friday! Here's my Punky Brewster costume.

I did lots of spirderwebs this year, I think it added an eerie vibe without being ogry. (I made a promise to a few people at work not to put the dead bodies/body parts/gory stuff out this year since some kids got scared last year.)


  1. How funny, I was also Punky Brewster although I was 14 at the time. I don't even know if I have that photo. You look just like her. She was the greatest wasn't she?

  2. Great ideas! I love recycling paper into the spider trash bag. I also love the title and header of your blog, so cute! p.s. saw you on Tip Junkie.