Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Honored

I am so honored that Cathy over at The Christmas Corgi Blog thought highly enough of me and my little blog here to award us the Arte y Pico award. She is such a fantastically fun artist, her colorful, corgi-filled paintings are a delight! It tickles me that anyone even reads CorgiPants, let alone thinks it's fun and creative! Thanks Cathy! And now it's my turn to choose 5 (or so) 5 blogs that deserve this award, based on creativity, design, interesting material, and contributions to the blogger community. Please visit these great ladies, maybe you'll find a new blog to read or a new project to try out.

First up, Bertha of Karma Kitties. I have known Bertha since we were both on Livejournal. I fell for her kitty illustrations! But she is an A+ super knitter. She whips out socks like I wish I could, and they're beautiful, not just some shabby worsted weight uglies but fancy, lacey dainties! Mmm, and her delicious yarn porn on flickr!

Next we have Miriam of Crafter by Night. Miriam is all kinds of crafty! Lately I've been watching her tasty delights come out of her kitchen. I like to watch what pops up on her flickr!

Drewzel is also a long-time read of mine. I think I found her through Loobylu, back in the days of a Month of Softies. Remember that? Anyway, Drewzel is amazingly talented and has some crafty endevours going on! I wish to channel her creative and productive energies as I venture into my own crafty endevours. She is in Australia (hence the Loobylu linkage) and is a member of Brown Owls.

Now, allow me to make an aside here within my award-giving-out post. I don't know where I have been but this group was totally unbeknownst to me until last week! I think those Aussies are so lucky to have a place and a group that they can religiously craft together with. And I hope that everyone believes me when I say the Make-Do Marigolds and the whole Make-Do Mail/projects/badges thing, while I certainly drew inspiration from several places, has been in my head sometime and I've been working on the whole concept and writing the first edition booklet for a while now. I'm not a copycat, I promise! I hope no one sees it that way.

Back to the awards!

Sarah of Craft and Clutter certianly deserves mention! She's got the crafty spirit, some of which I got to see in person when I won her blog contest and might I say that banner was the perfect decoration for Mike's birthday and is still hanging up because it is just so darn cheerful! She's got a cute pup and makes super cute crafts! I like that I've seen several clothepin dolls on her blog. Oh, and she likes American Girls dolls, speaking of which, I'd love to see more pictures of them in their new setup!

And one more! Happy Zombie's Monica gets my last award because her blog is pure eye candy! From the blog design itself to all those lovely projects! Delish! Free Projects, my most favoritest of internet things! And she's a swapper so we always get to see what she makes and what she gets!

There you have it, some (but certainly not all) of my blog favorites. Ladies, you keep me entertained and in awe!